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Billing Center

This topic describes how to manage fee deduction channels and view bills for organization administrators.

Before applied in the production environment, it is recommended to keep balance sufficient or use a cloud marketplace deduction channel to ensure the continuous operation of the service.

Deduction Channels

SelectDB Cloud currently supports three deduction channels, which are cash, vouchers and cloud marketplace. SelectDB Cloud will generate bills periodically and deducts fees from those channels. The priority of the deduction channels from high to low is voucher, cash, cloud marketplace.

Click the User Menu > Billing Center, enter Billing Overview page to view the overall usage of the those fee deduction channels.

The following describes the use of the above deduction channels:

Recharge Cache

Note This deduction channel is coming soon.

In Billing Overview page, click Recharge to transfer money based on the payment information. Once the transfer is successful, SelectDB Cloud will automatically recharge cache to your balance.

You can also view the historical recharge information through the recharge record.

Activate Voucher

In Billing Overview page, switch Tab to Voucher Management.

Click add voucher and input the voucher activation code issued by SelectDB Cloud to activate the voucher.

You can also view voucher usage and voucher activation history in Voucher Management page.

Open Cloud Marketplace

This topic mainly describes how to use the AWS Marketplace deduction channel, which is similar to other cloud providers.

The specific opening process is as follows:

  1. In Billing Overview page, click Open on Cloud Marketplace Deduction Channel card, find AWS Marketplace in the drawer page, then click Go to Subscribe to enter the SelectDB Cloud service page of the AWS Marketplace.
  1. Click View purchase options > Set up your account to go to the authorization page.
  1. Log in with your SelectDB Cloud console account on the authorization page.
  1. Select the target organization from the organization list, and click Confirm Authorization. Once the authorization is successful, your AWS account will deduct the subsequent expenses.

Go back to Billing Overview page after completing the authorization. If AWS Marketplace is displayed on the cloud marketplace deduction channels, you have successfully opened the cloud marketplace deduction channel.

Usage and Bills


After creating a warehouse, SelectDB Cloud collects the usage of different resources in a warehouse, including computing and storage, to help you analyze the cost distribution in a specific warehouse.

Click Usage in the navigation bar on the left to view the current warehouse usage information.


The SelectDB Cloud collects the above usage information of the entire organization every minute, deducts fees by the hour, and generates hourly billings and monthly bills, which are mainly provided to the organization administrators for reconciliation and cost analysis.

In Billing Overview page, you can view or export the bills.

If the balance is insufficient or no other deduction channels can be used, SelectDB Cloud will stop the service, but the data will be retained for 7 days.

To keep the online service running continuously, please ensure that the balance is sufficient or use a cloud marketplace deduction channel.