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VeloDB Cloud
Fully managed, cloud-native, real-time data warehouse service
VeloDB Enterprise
Self-managed software on-premises, on VMs or K8s
Tools & Connectors
Doris Operator, X2Doris, Connectors
Doris Operator
Run VeloDB or Apache Doris on K8s
  • Support VeloDB Enterprise cores and Apache Doris
  • Rolling upgrade of services
  • Auto-scaling of stateless compute nodes
  • Support for Helm
Doris Operator
Migrate data to Doris / VeloDB easier
  • Simple and visualized installation
  • Support various data sources including Hive,Doris, and ClickHouse
  • Auto schema recognition and table creation
  • Support standalone and distributed deployment, rigorously tested with large-scale data in production environments
Connectors for easy integration of VeloDB / Apache Doris with Flink, Spark, Kafka, DBT and more.
  • Flink Doris Connector
  • Spark Doris Connector
  • Kafka Connector for VeloDB Cloud
  • Dbt Doris Adapter
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