We offer competitive pricing and discounts for both cloud and on-premise deployment.

VeloDB Cloud
Fully managed, cloud-native, real-time data warehouse service
VeloDB Enterprise
Self-managed software on-premises, on VMs or K8s

The SaaS (Software as a Service) mode provides data warehouse services in public clouds to free you from infrastructure management.

VeloDB Cloud will charge you based on actual usage, which includes resource and service fees.

Cluster cost
On-demand billing starting from $0.56/hour
Monthly billing saving 20% compared to on-demand billing
Yearly billing saving 30% compared to on-demand billing
Storage cost
Starting from$0.00004/GB/hour
Pay as you go
Multiple clusters share storage data
High cost-effectiveness
Easy to use
Security and compliance
Professional support services

The BYOC (Bring Your Own Cloud) mode provides VeloDB data warehouse service in your own cloud resource pool.

The cloud platform will charge you for the resources, and VeloDB Cloud will charge you for the service.

Compute service cost
VeloDB Cloud data warehouse deployed in your own VPC
Data kept in your own environment
Managed operations and maintenance services
Professional support services
Pricing Details
Pricing components include: warehouse, cluster, and storage. Pricing varies depending on the cloud platform and region.
Cloud Platform
Coming soon
Coming soon
    Cost Estimation
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